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Court Cracks Down on Evaders Refusing to Opt Out

If you own a smartphone, you have more than likely received a text message telling you to send a word such as STOP if you’d prefer to no longer receive text messages from the sender. While most people would simply send this stop text to cease these messages, a group of “opt out evaders” have […]

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Debt Collectors Resort to “Overbiffing”

Debt collectors are known for the questionable, oftentimes illegal tactics they use to try and intimidate or confuse debtors into paying the money they may or may not owe. One of the newest tactics carries the peculiar name of “overbiffing”, which involves overstating the balance a debtor owes. Overbiffing came into play in a case […]

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Being Prepared for a HIPAA Audit

One of the last things any healthcare organization wants is having to deal with a HIPAA audit. Even if no such audit is on the horizon, it is still a wise idea to make preparations and ensure there are no data or compliance issues that could prove costly. Perhaps the easiest step to take is […]

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