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Communicating with Debt Collectors

When you receive a call for debt collection, it’s worth keeping in mind that the primary reason the person on the other end is calling you is an attempt to get you to pay. The second goal on their agenda is to try and get you to verbally communicate something that can be used against […]

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The Importance of Understanding Patient Privacy Rights

For optimum health care, it is essential that organizations and providers take the time to provide patient privacy rights education and safeguard patient data. When a patient makes his or her initial visit to a doctor, they will be asked to fill out the HIPAA Release Form which authorizes the use and possible disclosure of […]

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A Legal Name Can Make a World of Difference

A recent case involving debt collectors brings up the importance of something as seemingly simple as a name. A debt collection agency (the Defendant) was attempting to collect a debt from the Plaintiff. The agency used the acronym “ARS” as part of its registered legal name. However, in the messages left for the Plaintiff, only […]

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