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One of the last things any healthcare organization wants is having to deal with a HIPAA audit. Even if no such audit is on the horizon, it is still a wise idea to make preparations and ensure there are no data or compliance issues that could prove costly.

Perhaps the easiest step to take is ensuring that there is a firmly established HIPAA policy and procedures in place. In fact, HIPAA requires such documentation. Without these requirements, protected health information (PHI) may be at risk. Having a plan in place in case an issue does arise is effective in being able to address an incident without it spiraling out of control.

Speaking of PHI, HIPAA regulations require that electronic systems holding ePHI must permit access to those who have received access rights. All systems which may hold ePHI such as a mobile device should be monitored regularly to keep close track of any potential activity deemed inappropriate. This is also a great opportunity to identify which employees may require retraining, which reinforces the importance of strict patient privacy.

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