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One of, if not the primary goal of a provider is to ensure the health of their patient. However, often the payer contracts contain confounding provisions or legal terminology that may affect patient outcome improvements. These contracts typically describe a provider’s reimbursement arrangement for delivering healthcare services to patients that have coverage based on certain health plans. The contracts are full of details, including reimbursement rates and provider networks. Making sure that these complex payer contracts are thoroughly understood is essential towards ensuring reimbursement remains correct and timely.

There are certain key terms in payer contracts that can maximize reimbursement provided they are thoroughly understood. For example, allowed amount. This refers to the maximum amount a payer will reimburse a provider for covered services. The term also goes by other names such as “eligible expense” or “payment allowance”. Clean claim is another one to be aware of, which simply means the claim is able to be processed without the need for obtaining additional information.

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