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As our firm approaches its 30th year representing healthcare providers throughout the United States, I can’t imagine a more opportune time to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the entire medical community as they face the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The courage and commitment exemplified by these compassionate caregivers comes as no surprise to those of us who work within the healthcare system on a daily basis. From triage nurses to ER doctors, pulmonologists to respiratory therapists, anesthesiologists to ICU nurses, these front-line warriors have selflessly risen to the challenge despite the considerable personal risk of exposure to this highly contagious virus.

This difficult chapter in our country’s history should provide valuable lessons for all of us and serve to highlight just how inherently limited our healthcare system can be when facing a sudden surge in critical admissions.  Additionally, this should demonstrate conclusively the crucial role of our public health system as they have struggled to overcome equipment and staffing shortages during the height of this crisis. Concurrently, we must address with a sense of urgency, the fragile state of our rural and community hospitals. These facilities provide an invaluable contribution to society and are often the final safety net, but yet in today’s healthcare environment lack the resources and financial reserves necessary to withstand the demands placed upon them by a pandemic of this magnitude.

Our firm remains committed to assisting healthcare providers in all revenue cycle matters, including contractual and statutory underpayments, complex claim, timely filing, clinical and medical necessity denials as well as non-participating provider reimbursement issues. By utilizing highly collaborative efforts, our team is able to diligently and effectively monitor and dispute our clients’ claims through the often-complicated appeals process, arbitration hearings, and state and District Court proceedings. We strive to ensure that all healthcare providers, hospitals and physicians alike, are adequately compensated for their services and remain financially viable and safeguard their ability to focus exclusively on their core competencies, to treat patients and save lives.

I encourage you during these trying times to visit charitable organizations that provide valuable contributions to public health, frontline healthcare workers and those in our society with the greatest need.

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