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A nurse in Houston was recently in the headlines after she ran afoul of HIPAA by sharing information on social media about a patient suffering from measles. While nurses are expected to know the importance of patient privacy, the mishap reinforces the need for better education in an age where information is so easily shared online.

Nurse leaders should consider taking some time out to thoroughly review a hospital’s policies with the staff. Even if this policy has been in place for some time, it is still important to schedule some time to revisit and make sure everyone is on the same page and nothing has changed. Certain expectations such as those involving HIPAA privacy rules may already exist within other policies.

Healthcare professionals considering sharing something on social media may wish to carefully consider what they’re sharing and how it factors into their professional practice. As for nurse leaders, instead of outright prohibiting the use of social media while in the facility, nurse leaders may wish to evaluate how social media can be used in a positive way.

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