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TV Cameras in Hospitals Lead to Hefty HIPAA Fines

A trio of hospitals recently received substantial fines of nearly a million dollars from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights after allegedly violating HIPAA Privacy Rules by disclosing the protected health information (PHI) of its patients during a filming of an ABC News television documentary series back in 2014. Health […]

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What Are Business Torts?

Also referred to as an economic tort, a business tort happens when a business relationship or transaction results in a wrongful act. If, for instance, a company suffered financial loss because of the actions taken by another business, the company may be able to file a business tort lawsuit for damages. These business torts generally […]

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When Pre-Construction Project Delays Occur

Florida’s oceanfront properties are among the highest priced and most in-demand pieces of real estate in the southeastern United States. There is always some kind of high-end pre-construction project going on and most of the time, these projects are sold to foreign buyers before they are complete using lengthy contracts typically outlining expectations such as […]

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