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What Can Be Done to Address Price Transparency in Healthcare?

As consumers become more cognizant of the healthcare costs tied to their high deductible plans, governments are becoming increasingly proactive when it comes to boosting hospital price transparency. Even with these efforts towards making improvements, healthcare provider organizations are still experiencing growing pains when it comes to relaying to customers what financial responsibilities they must […]

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Identifying Red Flag Nursing Home Residents and Emergency Department Patients

In the third installation of our series of articles leading up to Mr. Abril’s teleconference presented by the National Business Institute next Monday, March 26, 2018, we’d like to include a non-reimbursement related subject which will be addressed in the teleconference. Nursing homes and healthcare facilities have a duty to protect the safety and well-being […]

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Paying for Nursing Home Care: Medicare & Medicaid

Before admitting a family member into a nursing home, the family of the resident will need to make appropriate financial arrangements to ensure that the resident’s stay will be properly paid for. This is one of the subjects that Mr. Abril will be addressing in his teleconference titled “Recovering Debts for Nursing Homes and Healthcare […]

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