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How Does the Statute of Limitations Affect Debt Collection?

Should a creditor accuse you of not paying a debt, it may file a civil court lawsuit against you to obtain a judgment against you. This judgment may have potentially serious ramifications including a garnishment of wages or negatively affecting your credit score. Hence, it is vital to have legal representation to help defend you […]

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Florida Court Case Reinforces the Risk of Text Marketing

Back in June, a Florida court dismissed a motion by a defendant to dismiss a case alleging a man’s privacy rights were violated when he received texts that were ploys for marketing. The case serves as a good example of how risky consumer text message marketing can be. The Plaintiff alleged in his complaint that […]

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The Post Judgement Collection Process

Previously we discussed the basics of judgment collection. Now, once you’ve received your judgment, how do you proceed? Obtaining the judgment is only step one. You still have to go through a series of processes to establish the judgment lien and actually collect the underlying debt. Once those steps are taken care of, a judgment […]

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