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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Jorge M. Abril, P.A.

Today, our law firm celebrates its 25th year anniversary. Our longevity and the level of success that we have achieved would not have been possible without the support of so many–too many to mention and to thank. We remain committed to offering our diverse clientele the highest quality legal services.

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The Impact of Fee Forgiveness on Medical Providers

Healthcare providers, or their billing offices, often offer patients “prompt pay” discounts to assist patients and encourage them to pay their outstanding medical bills, including deductible or co-insurance/co-payment amounts, within a certain period.  Such programs should be carefully considered by the provider and specifically structured to ensure complete compliance with applicable laws and payer contracts. […]

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Apple vs. FBI iPhone Case Has Healthcare Privacy Implications

As part of the investigation into the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, a U.S. District Court of Central California judge has ordered Apple to create a “back door” software that would allow the FBI access to the phone of one of the gunmen responsible for the attack. Apple has publicly contested the order, claiming the lock […]

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