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It is safe to say that a common reason why people avoid receiving the care they need is money concerns. With so many plans having high deductibles, many people simply do not have the monetary means and cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, a study by a patient financial engagement company revealed that over ninety percent of the people surveyed said they had a hard time meeting their deductible. When a patient is unable to pay, it is the often the caregiver that has to shoulder the cost.

One simple way to potentially reduce the odds of not receiving payment is by creating flexible payment plans. A physician, for example, can boost the chances of collecting revenue with plans in which a patient can enroll, which means the patient is more likely to actually get the care they need, have their prescriptions filled, and not avoid seeing a doctor. Greater price transparency can also play a crucial role in encouraging patients to receive much-needed care. Most, if not all patients prefer to know what their cost is going to be prior to receiving treatment.

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