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A lot of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) cases we have discussed have concentrated on local companies and individuals, but it’s important to remember that even larger companies are not immune to the risks of violating the TCPA.

In this case, the TCPA violation involves the pharmacy department of one of the world’s largest companies and private employers. A class action complaint was brought against the pharmacy department after a Kentucky-based rehab center alleged it received an unsolicited fax ad as part of a “mass broadcasting” which failed to comply with TCPA statutes since it did not have the required notice with the option to opt out. The fax was sent to several unintended recipients who allegedly did not have an existing or former relationship with the parent company and never gave consent to receive the fax.

A case discussed back in August shows how a single fax can result in having to pay millions in damages. While a decision has yet to be reached in regards to this pharmacy case, it’s a reminder of the importance of following the rules of TCPA to avoid another legal headache.

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