And Creditors' Rights

The law office of Jorge M. Abril, P.A. represents a diverse clientele comprised of regional, national and international businesses in all phases of collection, from pre-charge off through litigation. Its state of the art technology ensures prompt attention to your claims regardless of volume or dollar amount and facilitates the firm's goal of attaining the highest possible liquidation rates for the client. Moreover, our experienced collection staff is trained in all aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all applicable state consumer protection statutes.

Jorge M. Abril, P.A. Will domesticate foreign judgments under The Florida Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, Florida Statutes §§55.501–55.509, and begin the arduous task of identifying non-exempt assets on which to execute. The firm has unparalleled experience in post-judgment discovery including depositions in aid of execution and enforcement of post-judgment remedies. We conduct an exhaustive inquiry into the debtor's (corporate or individual) finances to facilitate execution and/or garnishment. Moreover, where applicable, the firm will initiate proceedings supplementary and actions to invalidate fraudulent conveyances under both Florida law and the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act.

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