Commercial Litigation

Our firm provides advice and legal counsel to organizations engaged in a myriad of commercial endeavors, including the manufacture of retail and wholesale goods and products, print and media operations, shipping and freight industries and numerous other commercial activities in South Florida and throughout the world.

When our commercial clients become involved in business disputes with customers and other entities, the first priority for our firm is to preserve the sensitive nature of the business relationship. However, upon exhausting amicable settlement options, the firm is prepared and has the experience necessary to zealously litigate claims in state and federal court.

We have over twenty five years experience in Florida State and Federal courts.

We handle a range of commercial litigation issues, including:

Lobbying and government
  contracts & disputes.

Buy-sell agreements.

Invoice and payment disputes
  involving goods and services.

Leasing disputes.

Freight and transportation

Deficiency judgments.

Real property disputes including constructive trusts, partition, unlawful eviction & possession, construction defects,
  surveyor/subcontractor negligence